The Georgian Peaks Club offers two levels of Terrain Parks:

The Gammell's Run Terrain Park is located at the top of the Champlain Chairlift and includes small to large features. This means you may encounter jumps ranging from 10 to 45 feet and jib features of all heights, shapes and sizes. This park is great for intermediate to experienced park riders looking to learn new tricks or just perfect old ones. 

The Lower Champlain Terrain Park is located at the bottom of the Champlain run and is a progression park which means it is home to small features only. All jib features will be close to the ground. This park is a great place to safely try freestyle maneuvers and work on your skills before moving to Gammell's Run Terrain Park. 

The Freestyle Terrain Stop! Read This! sign provides basic information to all users entering and/or using Terrain Park facilities. This sign contains important safety points and liability information.

For your own safety and enjoyment and the safety and enjoyment of other Terrain Park users, follow the rules outlined on this sign.

The Freestyle Terrain Park sign outlines each level so you will understand the rating of the Park and the features in the Park that you are about to enter and determine if you should even be in the area. The uneducated park user puts themselves and others at risk.

Georgian Peaks uses the Terrain Park Rating System. Please take the time to review the symbols and ensure you understand them.

Remember, it is always your responsibility to ride or ski within your limits. Don't end your season early by trying tricks or features that are beyond your ability. The Alpine Responsibility Code outlines the "rules of the road" for the slopes. You are accountable for your actions and violations. Play smart and safe.

Failure to follow the rules of the Alpine Responsibility Code and/or the Terrain Park Rules will result in the removal of your Lift Badge or Ticket.